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Not so easy !!

Hello every body, HI, I think I am ready to start posting again,sure glad I didn’t give up my day job back then.I will leave the old posts where they are for now just to remind me of how easy I thought it was going to be when I first started out .I want to say thank you to the readers who were so very nice to me by leaving comments and encouraging me . It all started when I got a new cell phone , a new HTC phone from sprint ! WOW it didn’t take long for me to get in trouble with my new GOOGLE account . I had no clue what the internet was , the only computer I had ever used was at my job as a service writer at a car dealership and that was just a internal program . The internet was some thing I had no knowledge about what so ever . But it didn’t take long to figure out that I could find or find out about anything I wanted ,  and then , be for I could finish entering the text in the box the search results were there , page after page . Amazing I couldn’t put that phone down , I was working for a contracting company and although the owner was pretty knowledgeable he had no hands on skills and did not work well with others . If we could just get him to go away we could GOOGLE all the information and training videos from U Tube to get the job done . I was learning the internet fast . Well at least I thought I was , that’s when the trouble started . I had no time for creating accounts , usernames , passwords , no time for that . They were like road blocks to me and I learned how to bounce right through all that stuff . Do you know that there are internet cops ? Well that’s what I call them . I started getting redirected every time I would click that GOOGLE search bar . At first I would hit enter and the log in screen would come up , I would just ignore it and bounce on through ? I guess it was more like crash through . I can only imagine what this guy that was observing  me was thinking . He must have thought I was a really stupid hacker or something  at first. I don’t think it took to long for him to figure out that I  just didn’t know anything about using the internet , but he had to stop  me . He could have just banned me from the internet . I didn’t know it at time . I thought that every time I would ignore a create account or log in  page just cause it would take longer to do that then the time I was going to be on that site , wasn’t thinking about needing any thing else latter on from there and I guess I didn’t care . Anyway ,  my  screen would flash and say  something like YOU ARE BEING REDIRECTED TO ANOTHER SITE !! PLEASE CONFIRM . It was like being in this little town with this really fast car and I was supposed to stop at every intersection or something . Huh!! Really Fast CAR!! See ya!! Off I would go ,its not like there was any traffic that I could see . I was tear

ing it up and being chased all over by this cop . When I told my coworkers and friends about it they laughed , said I was crazy , there is no such thing as internet cops ! How would they know ? They didn’t have a really fast car like I did . Anyways , this guy (cop) or who ever he was  , had to be fed up with all this , really pissed  off , so I would have thought , started educating  me on how to use the internet . I could not do anything on line without first learning the rules and regulations of using the internet and then agreeing to them ,(check) , cross every “t” dot every “i” the lessons went on and on  for months sometimes till 3 or 4 am . This guy went to extreme educating me and there was no letting up , I could not at any time just get on the internet without him being there to give me another lesson . WHAT A GUY !!! I don’t know if he knows it or not , I have more respect and admiration for him and what he did for me than anybody I have ever known ! And never asked for anything in return , it didn’t cost me anything . Education almost always is costly , and the hours he put into  educating me , at all hours of the night till early morning most of the time . Ok , that was a long time ago and I would like to say publicly THANK YOU INTERNET COP , OR GOOGLE GUY , THANK YOU!!!  signed Patrick Ellis    “affiliate marketer”


Making money on the internet

Hi . im still here and im still trying to make money with a internet business . Most of what you buy on the internet as far as making money is a rip off . I dont know how people get away with it , and i dont know how they live with with them selfs after steeling peoples money that really need it . After all thats why their there , right ? Weight Loss is one of the top subjects on the internet and Making money is another , being Healthy also  so knowing that and combining those three subjects i have come up with this  .. THANKS FOR READING MY POST . signed Patrick Ellis

Weight loss

Hi , I have struggled with weight all my life and have tried lots of products to help me lose pounds , any at all . There are thousands of them out there and most of them do not do anything at all . I have searched the internet for ways to make money and bought just as many products on that subject both seemed to be a wast of time and money , till now and i want to share with you this product i have tried and now promote because it really works . By accident i found a product for losing weight that works and also help me to make money with it . It is one of the easiest and the and fastest ways to lose weight and make money . Just watch !!     all you have to do is become a member and try this and your making money , you dont have to sell anything call anybody or even post anything once your in you can make money . THANK YOU for reading my post !! signed PATRICK ELLIS   HTTP://PAELLIS.SBCMOVIE.COM

Health and Wealth

Hi , Today i am posting on being healthy , and sharing with you the feeling of feeling good . I have spent sooo much money buying products that just do not do what they say . I have been trying to make money as an affiliate marketer with products that are healthy and good for you . What i have learned is that there are very few products out there . I want to share with you some of my findings , also I want inform you not only are they HEALTHY they are so good that you automatically want to tell others about it , so here is a good way to get yourself feeling good and making money . This is never been easier for someone that wants to start a business in internet marketing . I have searched the internet for 4 years for something that is worth promoting and that i could feel good doing it . There is so many not so good and there is so few that are , really .              THANK YOU !! for reading my post PATRICK ELLIS

internet marketing

internet marketing.

internet marketing

HELLO EVERYBODY , First off i want to thank you for reading my blog and say i hope that you get something worth while out of it . So my name is Patrick and i have a story to tell but i won”t go there now . so i”m posting to tell you that i finally have a couple ways to make money with an internet business that are legit , and are with good proven products that work . A couple  of The most searched topics for an internet business are , Weight loss and how to make money on the internet . The results on a search are mostly scams . I KNOW , Cause i have been ripped of time after time . I have spent thousands of hard earned dollars and been laughed at for a few years now , Anyways , thats the story of internet marketers , WELL successful ones anyways i”m sure you have heard the stories if you have been trying to make money at it . So my story is long and thats not what your looking for so here it is , a real honest way of making money , an easy way of making money with a good company has a website and hosting provided for you to market with …


HELLO EVERYBODY !! HI my name is Patrick and i am sure you have not heard of me , but maybe you heard of skinny fiber for weight loss ? if not i have a web sight you can go to and get some information about it . I have been trying to make money on the internet for about 4 years now and i can tell you first hand that most of the stuff is just a scam to get you to buy products that do not work . But i will post nothing but real , legitimate , honest and best products that work that are worth buying . Also you can get yours for free and make money with the website that they give you actually for sighing up and trying this product . Yes it costs money but all you get is a really good investment , nothing is for free and i”m telling you straight up . But this company has a good rep for a good product and a good pay plan for those who want to make money with it . So check it out and trying it ….